F A D E N S O N N E N ***B A D L A N D S*** LP

F A D E N S O N N E N ***B A D L A N D S*** LP

One Hand release #2 is here. We couldn’t be happier that we persuaded one of our favorite–make that favorite–NYC-based (or at least half NYC-based) rock outfit to give us some music. This thing is a beast, an unrelenting storm of sound, mostly guitars, that starts with a fury and maintains it ’til the final note. Nods to Skullflower and Haino and the like are in there, but Fadensonnen have evolved into their own thing, and hopefully won’t be NYC’s best kept secret for much longer. The packaging, a Fadensonnen labor-of-love, is awesome–the cover is a silk-screened, meticulous hand-drawn horror scene, and inside there’s a paste-on insert with spine. Hand numbered edition of 150.

We already have raves from Volcanic Tongue and Black 2 Comm, check ’em out on the link below.

Get it here: http://onehand.bigcartel.com/

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